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  FACT: George W. Bush received $200 million to build a new stadium for his baseball team.
  FACT: Dick Cheney received $1.5 billion from Ex-Im and $2.3 billion in contracts for his energy company.
  FACT: Amazon.Com received $1.6 million to open a distribution center in Coffeyville, KS.

Our Government Grant Book and Grant Search Software, contains the most UP-TO-DATE, EASIEST TO COMPREHEND, and most REASONABLY-PRICED Grant Information on the Internet today. It's the "official" Grant Guru Documentary jam-packed with "incredibly" credible Grant Information!

Our Government Grant Book and Grant Search Software not only gives you the knowledge of how to DIP INTO BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Federal and State Free Grant Money (which has been funded by YOUR tax dollars), but it also reveals BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of additional Free Grant Money available to you through FOUNDATION GRANTS.

Our Government Grant Book and Grant Search Software, contains the most UP-TO-DATE, EASIEST TO COMPREHEND, and most REASONABLY-PRICED Grant Information on the Internet today. It's the "official" Grant Guru Documentary jam-packed with "incredibly" credible Grant Information!

Foundation Grants are Free Cash Grants given to individuals and small businesses by corporations or wealthy private citizens, who want to use the Grant as a TAX WRITE OFF and as a way to promote good will for their companies. Private Foundations are required by law to give away 5% of their income each and every year or they will lose their non-profit status.

It's a fact that the rich will get their share of government giveaways, but the majority of Grant Money Programs are set up to help the Middle Class Tax-Paying citizens. Did you know that there are over 30,000 Private Foundations, 20,000 Business Foundations, 24,000 State Programs, and 1,500 Federal Programs administered by 57 different Federal Agencies? These agencies independently allocate and administer the combined $1,000,000,000,000 (One Trillion DOLLARS) to be given away in 2009. They need to give this Free Money to somebody, so WHY NOT YOU?

Some people ask, "Can I apply for more than one Grant?" And we tell them, "Yes!! Apply for as many as you want. Frankly, you are ONLY limited by your own imagination and what you can do with the grant money. SO IMAGINE YOUSELF….

Starting or expanding a BUSINESS
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Manufacturing a PRODUCT
Investing into REAL ESTATE
Marketing a SERVICE
Getting money for your CHURCH


Let's say for example, that you wanted to get $100,000 to start a coffee shop, $20,000 for your son or daughter to go to college, $20,000 to help your community and even more money to buy a home. It is not unrealistic to believe that you can go "back to the well" time and time again. And when the coffee shop needs expanding, you can go back again for another business grant.

Your Official Source for Grant Information


If you are a person with little or no experience with the Grant-Seeking process, our Government Grant Book and Grant Search Software will give you the ability to RESEARCH volumes of Government Grants. After you have located the government grant you want to apply for, it will then take you step-by-step through each stage of the grant application process.

It will show you how to obtain this Free Grant Money as QUICKLY as possible by giving you all the GRANT INFORMATION and GRANT-WRITING TOOLS you need to successfully prepare the grant application. As long as your idea meets the Government's criteria, the money is yours to keep; and it never has to be repaid! This money is also NON-TAXABLE and INTEREST-FREE.

We are often asked, "How much money can I get?" We tell them, "You are the one who decides how much you want." Just remember that if you are over the age of 18 and are an American citizen or legal resident, who has a lawful and legitimate use for the money, you are eligible for these Free Government Grants.

The beauty of the grant system is that the Government DOES NOT check your credit or ask for collateral, security deposits or co-signers. You can apply even if you have had a bankruptcy or bad credit.

It is also amazing how many people are clueless as to how to go about getting this kind of money. They don't even know the first place to start. Right now, you are already a giant step ahead of the majority of Americans because of the information we have given you thus far. Take another giant step and get the Government Grant Book and Grant Search Software C.D. RISK FREE.

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Our team of highly-skilled Software Professionals have created a State-of-the-Art Software Program, which will give YOU, the average Grant Seeker, the ability to search the entire 7,000 page Federal Grants database in seconds! No need for a library full of books. No need for an Internet connection or a multitude of accessory programs.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing a Top-Quality Software Program that provides, not only thousands of FREE CASH sources, but also instructs you in the most important steps of creating Grant Proposals & Applications.

Here are just a few of the "key features" of our Grant Search Software:

Includes unlimited research capabilities!
Lists every single program currently funded by the U.S. Government!
Provides lists of all Federal government grants and Loans.
Shows you the funding amounts allocated for the current and last fiscal year.
Needs no other computer programs to operate. Our software is completely stand alone and does not need the Internet to run.
Contains sample Applications and Pre-Application letters.
Provides samples of successful proposals.
Gives information on no-interest or low-interest loans.

Your Official Source for Grant InformationThe Catalog Section allows you to actively search the entire Government Grant Database. First, you determine the search criteria. If you are unsure of exactly what to search for, we have even gone so far as to add an index of pre-defined search terms that you can select from. There are various filters in place so you can narrow or broaden your search.

The simple act of typing in the words "small business," for example, into the Grant Search Software yields over 140 results in less than 3 seconds! Type in the word "business" and you instantly receive an amazing 402 results!

This is just a small sampling of the information provided in our Grant Search Software. Every time you do a search you will receive every available detail on that program, the average amount of the grant awarded, information as to who can apply, and all known contact information.

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YES! Our Grant Search Software is the only software program that, not only finds the money, but also completes the application and pre-application request letters.

Using our Grant Search Software, you can fill out and print your federal grant applications in no time, then pick and choose the agency or agencies you want to apply to. All of this can be done in a matter of minutes.

Once you find a program that you would like to apply to, simply click the Application Wizard; and you'll be on your way to completing an official Government Grant Application.

Also, as part of the Software Program, you will be able to complete a Pre-Application Request Letter. This professionally-written letter is automatically created when you fill out your application.

With GRANT GURUS you will have everything you need to know about how to successfully Apply for and Get a GRANT!

If you are wondering if the GRANT SEARCH SOFTWARE IS COMPATABLE WITH ALL TYPES OF COMPUTERS, the answer is YES! Our software program is compatible with almost every known PC. If you are reading this page, then our program will operate on your system.

Your Official Source for Grant Information

Your Official Source for Grant Information

Receive 24/7 technical support via email. Contact us with any questions you may have regarding our Government Grant Book and Grant Search Software C.D., about compatibility, or about the FREE BONUSES included with your purchase.

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Your Official Source for Grant InformationEven though we are ABSOLUTELY certain our Grant Writing Book and Grant Search Software C.D. is the best on the market today, we realize that not everyone will be 100% satisfied. That is why we are offering our 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, simply send it back in sellable condition; and we will refund your money. Click here for details.

Your Official Source for Grant Information


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The Business Plan Software Program has been specifically designed to create a Business Plan that will appeal to both Grant-giving Agencies and Banks.

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Writing a professionally-sounding Grant Proposal is the most important thing that you will do to get the money. Though virtually every company out there states that they teach you how to write your Grant Proposal, we are the ONLY company, to our knowledge, who gives YOU a Grant Writing Software Program FREE. Others charge anywhere from $39.99 to $59.99.

Our Software Tutorial provides you with step-by-step instructions on Grant Writing, such as:

Examples of successfully written Grant Proposals!
Specific instructions on completing the forms required!
Complete listings of forms required for the different Grant activities!
Detailed information tips on writing Grant Proposals.
How to complete a Grant Application Package!
Examples of good, complete Grant Packages!
A Glossary of Grant terms!
A mock Grant-writing activity where you will be able to compare your results to a successful Grant Application.
And much, much more!!

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